Thursday, October 21, 2010

Presenting DLP in SaaS model

As you can see from our previous blog post, we are now developing multi-user version of MyDLP in order deliver product to customer in SaaS model. When working on this task, we have encountered several conceptual challenges.

For example; Network-based DLP solutions should inspect all relevant traffic in order to prevent sensitive data leakage, but in Security-as-a-Service model, applications run on cloud computing data centers. So, situation enforces administrators to redirect all traffic to cloud servers and this was never a good idea because of duplicate bandwidth usage on both client line and server line.

Now, what we should do? What is the solution?

Solution is already presented by several authors. Answer is hybrid SaaS model. An application server runs in the internal network, proxies whole external traffic and sends critical parts to services on clouds for leak prevention analysis.

We have worked on this concept and tried to think of a way to use MyDLP in this model and let me tell you MyDLP was already ready for this model and the answer what we were looking for was ICAP.

In next blog post, I will talk about ICAP and our SaaS model implementation...


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