MyDLP via Images

MyDLP comes with several deployment options. You can download and run MyDLP Appliance Virtual Machine Images, or you can install MyDLP by using MyDLP Appliance CD Images. For details check out MyDLP Appliance Installation Tutorial.

MyDLP via Aptitude

You don't need to reinstall your Ubuntu Box. Because, MyDLP can be easily installed by using aptitude. Call aptitude and have a cup of tea. For details check out MyDLP Installation on Ubuntu.

MyDLP for Endpoints

Installing MyDLP on Windows Endpoints is not harder than a few clicks. You can download MyDLP Endpoint Windows Installer by following the links below. For details check out MyDLP Endpoint Installation Howto.

MyDLP Downloads
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MyDLP Appliance Stable CD Image Files: 2

CD Image (.iso) for Stable MyDLP Appliance Installation. Recommended for production deployments.

MyDLP Windows Endpoint Installer Files: 1

Windows installer for MyDLP Endpoint. This agent will be used for USB, IEEE-1394, screen capture, printer and other endpoint enforcements.

MyDLP Appliance Virtual Machines Files: 2

MyDLP Appliance pre-installed VMware Virtual Machines and Images for faster deployments. Username: mydlp, Password: mydlp

MyDLP Appliance Latest CD Image Files: 2

Latest Installation CD Image (.iso) for MyDLP Appliance. Not recommended for production deployments.

MyDLP Documents and Papers Files: 1

Documentation and papers about MyDLP and related topics.