Ernst&Young: Executives underestimate economic espionage and data theft

According to the news site Deutsche Welle, CEOs are unaware about the risks in digital data security. DW publishes a poll study done by Ernst&Young on 400 leader executives on the topic of economic espionage and data theft. According to poll results, while 94 percent of those leaders surveyed talked about the growing danger of cybercrime, 38 percent said they thought the threat to their own firm was rather small.


Could WikiLeaks’ Cablegate have been prevented?

WikiLeaks has continued to release diplomatic cables of U.S. government into the public domain. WikiLeaks claims that they have 15,652 secret and 101,748 confidential cables with a grand total of 251,287, including the unclassified cables. The sheer size and potential impact of the leaked material easily makes this incident not only the biggest data leakage incident but also the most serious security breach of any kind yet known.


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