MyDLP prevents data leakage by enabling organizations to identify and protect their sensitive data.

MyDLP is an open source project that enables organizations to identify and protect their sensitive data. MyDLP helps prevent data leakage through data transmission including Web, email, removable devices, printers and even taking screenshots along with other channels. It takes only 30 minutes to setup MyDLP Appliance on your gateway server and MyDLP Endpoint on your workstations.

There are thousands of companies and public institutions dealing with sensitive personal and enterprise data. MyDLP's goal is to provide them an open, easy, and reliable way to prevent data leak. Already, MyDLP has followers over 60 countries and several installations.

Number of emails we received from all over the world, especially USA, made its peak after WikiLeaks crisis. Even, we are planning to move MyDLP Headquarters to Silicon Valley because of this.

In fact, in the WikiLeaks incident, if subject institutions had been using MyDLP, events would have been developed very differently. Dense and frequently repeated access to sensitive documents would be detected and logged, also authorities would be informed about the incident. Beyond this, MyDLP would automatically percieve these documents as confidential files, notice data leakage possibility and block copying these files to removable media. MyDLP probably would have prevented this huge data leakage.

Organizations working with sensitive data actually have data leakage prevention requirement, but they cannot satisfy this requirement because of several reasons. Acquisition of a DLP solution currently in the market has a high total cost of ownership. It is not easy to implement because of complicated installation procedures, management processes and also license agreements. Disregarding this requirement could result in catastrophic outcomes, as we see in WikiLeaks incident.

MyDLP can easily provide you;

  • Safer Customer Records. You will be able to block any data flow containing credit card numbers, social security numbers or IBAN account numbers and more. Your customers will be more comfortable when sharing their personal and financial information with you.
  • Protect Private Files. You train MyDLP with your private files once, and MyDLP will protect them forever. Your employee or any other person would not be able to transfer them outside.
  • Comprehensive DLP Solution. MyDLP provides data security for web, mail, printers, removable devices and more. Your sensitive data will not leak out through network connections or endpoint devices.
  • Fast and Reliable. After 30 minutes, you will have an open source solution that prevents transfer of any sensitive data via web pages, e-mails, external storage devices, printouts, screenshots.

MyDLP offers comprehensive data identification features. Moreover in April 2011, MyDLP is going to include new features to improve data identification with semantical techniques and increase interoperability with wide spread network products.

MyDLP is founded by Burak Oguz, Kerem Cevahir and Ozgur Batur, who are experienced in developing security application and worked in various information and network security companies. Their previous open source project was Findik content filtering framework. Also, Eren Bali ( CEO & Co-founder at ) is the advisor of the team.


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