Contribute to MyDLP

MyDLP is an open source project and MyDLP team needs your assistance and contributions in order to develop a data loss prevention solution as a free software.

Contribution topics are;

  • Translations (MyDLP currently have English, French and Turkish support)
  • Local predefined expression refinements or requests (like US SSN or France INSEE, we can add your country's identification or social security numbers to MyDLP with your guidance)
  • MyDLP Packaging (especially to RPM and other distributions and operating systems like BSD.)
  • MyDLP Testing and Documentation (join our testing team)


You can find our English language files from these locations below:

For MyDLP Web UI, please translate it with Netbeans IDE or Eclipse Property Editor for correct generation of Unicode characters in your language. There is no such need for endpoint resx file.

In MyDLP Web UI language file only translate the expression comes after "=" sign.

For MyDLP Endpoint resx file only translate the expression within "<value>" tags.

<data name="def.tabmd5.002" xml:space="preserve">

Expression Request or Contibution

Feel free to request your country's identification or social security number to MyDLP. Just send us a C/C++ or Java written algorithm of your pattern request and a Wikipedia or such a formal document about that expressions.

Current identification patterns support are;

  • US SSN
  • Canada SIN
  • France INSEE
  • Turkey TRid

Packaging MyDLP

For wider usage, we want to support more distribution and operating systems. However, now our team only have resources to manage Ubuntu packages and distribution. If you want to maintain RPMs for MyDLP please contact us. We can help you in generating MyDLP's RPM packages.

Moreover, we are open for BSD ports.

Testing MyDLP

You can help MyDLP by signing up for testing team.

For all kinds of contribution, please contact us from the options below.