Could WikiLeaks’ Cablegate have been prevented?


Make Your Clients Feel Secure

Implement Data Leak Prevention in 30 Minutes!!!

  • Safer Customer Records With MyDLP, you will be able to block any data flow containing credit card numbers, social security numbers or IBAN account numbers.Your customers will be more comfortable when sharing their personal and financial information with you.
  • Protect Private FilesYou train MyDLP with your private files once, and MyDLP will protect them forever. Your employee or any other person would not be able to transfer them outside.
  • Comprehensive DLP SolutionMyDLP provides data security for web, mail, printers, removable devices and more. Your sensitive data will not leak out through network connections or endpoint devices. For detailed information, check out MyDLP Datasheet.
  • Fast and Reliable After 30 minutes, you will have an open source solution that prevents transfer of any sensitive data via web pages, e-mails, external storage devices, printouts, screenshots etc...

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