Mass Deployment of MyDLP Endpoint with Active Directory


Another important topic in security softwares is mass deployment. You can easily distribute MyDLP Windows Endpoint DLP with Active Directory Group Policies. You have to use MyDLP Windows EP per machine. Therefore, you have to install it via "Computer Configuration" component of group policy. In order to explain step by step;


  1. This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge on MS Active Directory and its related tools.
  2. This tutorial assumes you have an already running Windows Domain which is managed by Active Directory properly.
  3. This tutorial assumes that you have shared folder on domain controller MS Active Directory.
  4. After these requirements, first copy mydlp-endpoint.msi to shared folder. You can get mydlp-endpoint.msi from MyDLP Web Management Interface.
  5. Enter "Group Policy Management" component from Administrative Tools
  6. In Group Policy Management, select the Organizational Unit that you want to install MyDLP.
  7. Right click to that OU and create a group policy and link it to that OU.
  8. Alternatively, if you have a previous group policy for that OU you can use it too.
  9. Then right click to the group policy and click "Edit"
  10. "Group Policy Management Editor" will apper.
  11. In this screen right click to the Computer Configuration->Policies->Software Settings->Software Installation and choose New -> Package.
  12. Then choose mydlp-endpoint.msi from network share folder.
  13. Choose "Assign" option while install.
  14. Right click on MyDLP and choose to deploy only x86 machines.
  15. Finally open Run and update your group policies with "gpupdate /force" command.

You can see in your clients that MyDLP is installing.