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How to install MyDLP?

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MyDLP is not just a network server, only a part of MyDLP is.

We define MyDLP as a complete Data Loss Prevention solution. Therefore, installation of a complete solution is a bit different than a network server. But, not harder.

To implement DLP in 30 minutes, check out these documents;

For others and future documents, click here.

Written by kerem

November 30th, 2010 at 11:13 am

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5 Responses to 'How to install MyDLP?'

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  1. I love this idea, but there's no way in hell Sys Admins are going to all agree on Ubuntu. Personally, we have a few hundred RHEL+CentOS servers in our data center. Sticking to that distro, we're able to use centralization products to manage all our servers with ease. For this reason, I'd be more likely to create my own home-brew DLP solution merely because adding an Ubuntu server violates our Data Center's Standardization Policy.Are there any documents describing how to install myDLP on a different distribution? Requiring this software to be limited to a single distribution is the wost decision you could make with regard to the popularity and (therefore) usefulness of your project.

    Michael Altfield

    2 Dec 10 at 22:05

  2. Definitely you can install MyDLP in CentOS\RHEL or any other linux system. We have currently developed MyDLP on Ubuntu platform, therefore our first installation documents cover Ubuntu.

    We have assigned one of our developers writing a document about installing MyDLP on any linux system. I’ll let you know when it’s finished.

    And also, any contribution about packaging is welcome :) .


    17 Dec 10 at 22:35

  3. Right now there seem to be support for only Windows 32 endpoints, any road map for Windows 64 based DLP agents?

    Also I’ve couple of Linux machines in my network, right now there don’t seem to be linux based endpoint agent! How can I protect confidential docs leaking out from linux based machines?


    3 Jan 11 at 04:55

  4. Excellent; thank you!

    Michael Altfield

    3 Jan 11 at 19:38

  5. @Karun

    Right now, 64-bit Windows deployment packages are in our TODO list. We want to make it ready before our next release. If not, it will enter next release’s TODO list with a very major priority.

    We plan to develop an endpoint agent for Linux workstations. I guess unfortunately before April 2011 we could not start to develop Linux endpoints.

    However, any contribution is welcome :) .


    3 Jan 11 at 22:39

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