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MyDLP 64bit Windows Endpoint

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MyDLP team proudly introduces MyDLP Endpoint for Windows 7 64bit platform. Finally, it will be possible to protect data on 64 bit Windows 7 systems with an open source solution. We are planning to do the release before end of May.

MyDLP Endpoint uses file system minifilters to control hardware related things such as removable media usage. Kernel mode software must be digitally signed to be loaded on x64 versions of Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows. Since minifilters are kernel mode software we have to digitally sign some parts of 64bit MyDLP Endpoint package before release and obtain a commercial code publishing certificate from a certificate authority. We currently use self signed certificates for testing and development purposes but this method is not suitable for production systems.

Written by ozgur

May 6th, 2011 at 12:22 pm