Why MyDLP?


MyDLP is Open Software

All components of MyDLP are open source. MyDLP offers you superior reliability than any other DLP provider can.


Designed to be a DLP solution

<>MyDLP is designed to be DLP solution, not presented as a feature of another web content filter or antivirus product. So, from architectural design to user experiences constraints, MyDLP is being developed to help you to implement Data Leakage Prevention with a broader perspective.


Moreover, another advantage of this, you do not encounter incompatibility issues with other security products, that system administrators used to.


Community and Enterprise Editions

MyDLP Community Edition can be downloaded freely. Users with limited requirements can implement DLP with a minimum TCO.

Deployment packages containing premium features introduced in MyDLP Enterprise Edition are only distributed to premium customers.

Also, customers who plan to buy MyDLP Enterprise Edition, can easily try MyDLP Community Edition. So, you can buy MyDLP Enterprise Edition more confidently.

Checkout feature lists of MyDLP Enterprise Edition and MyDLP Community Edition.