MyDLP Server Architecture

MyDLP, as  a data leak prevention tool, has a multi-layer architecture in server side. We can divide this layers into three major compartments.

  1. Communication Layer: This layer is responsible for accepting, intercepting and processing network connections. In the communication layer, there are two available components, MyDLP ICAP FSM for Web protocol and MyDLP SMTP FSM for mail protocol. MyDLP ICAP FSM is an generic ICAP client which can be easily integrated to 3rd party ICAP servers such as Squid 3.x, Websense or BlueCoat. This is why MyDLP Appliance contains a Squid 3.x server with SSL support. Another advantage of using an ICAP client/server, it makes MyDLP more error-tolerant. Because MyDLP does not deal with handling end-user connection directly.
  2. Filtering Layer: Filtering layer contains scanning functionality. Data recieved from either ICAP or SMTP clients will be sent to this layer and it will be decided that whether connection will filtered.
  3. Management Layer: This layer contains web management interface.
Main programming languages that MyDLP Server contains are listed below:
  • Erlang
  • Python
  • C++
  • PHP
  • ActionScript
  • Flex