MyDLP Appliance Installation Howto (Video Included)



This document can be used as a guide to installation of MyDLP Appliance. It also describes the basic usage.

MyDLP is an easy, simple and open DLP (data loss prevention) solution, licensed under GPLv3. MyDLP 1.0 is released on 10 November 2010. MyDLP Appliance is a distribution based on Ubuntu Server. The distribution comes as a easy to deploy key solution. Protecting customer records, securing confidential files, data flow enforcements… they are all achievable within 30 minutes. Visit their site ( for further information.


Installing MyDLP Appliance with MyDLP Appliance Auto-Install CD requires;

  • A network which has proper internet connection and DHCP Server.

  • An Adobe Flash installed computer in order to connect MyDLP Web UI and finalize installation.

Watch Installation Procedure

MyDLP ISO Installation

Watch Installation on Vmware Workstation

MyDLP ISO Installation to Vmware Workstation


  1. Download appliance image for your architecture from MyDLP Downloads Site (

  2. Burn ISO image to a CD and create your own MyDLP Appliance Auto-Install CD.

  3. Insert MyDLP Appliance CD in CD-ROM of target computer and boot it from CD-ROM.

  4. First select your language for installation interface.

  5. Select Install MyDLP Appliance.

  6. Select language for new Ubuntu system.

  7. Choose your location.

  8. Select your keyboard.

  9. Then installer will start to configure system automatically. Default network configuration of MyDLP is DHCP for first ethernet card (eth0). You can change these after installation is completed. But, in order to complete MyDLP Appliance Installation an internet connection should exists and be properly distributed via DHCP.

  10. Select your time zone.

  11. Select yes and press Enter in order to new write partition configuration to disk.

    Installer will start to install base system.

  12. Create your user and set its password. You will use this user in order to login and manage Ubuntu system.

  13. Rest will be completed automatically by Ubuntu installer. All you need to do is having a cup of tea.

  14. Now, we are ready to boot into our new DLP ready system. Press Enter to reboot.

  15. We should be able to login to MyDLP Appliance with the username and password we have determined before.

  16. MyDLP Appliance had been configured to assign itself an IP Address from a DHCP server automatically. In order to move on from here, and complete installation, we should learn assigned IP address. Unix command ifconfig will list all enabled network interfaces and their IP addresses. In this example, it is Or as an alternative, we can assign a static IP address for our Ubuntu Box. This is also explained here.

  17. At this point, we have completed installation of MyDLP Appliance. But, MyDLP is known to be easy, simple and open. One of the reasons which make MyDLP easy and simple is its Web User Interface. In order to access Web UI, it should be configured previously.

    Enter https://YOURIPADDRESS to your browser, in this case .

    Provide your name, e-mail and password. Then, click submit. E-mail address and password you have provided will be used as username-password for admin panel.

  18. That's all folks :).