MyDLP Endpoint Installation Howto

MyDLP Windows Endpoint is an open source data leak prevention tool for MS Windows based workstations. MyDLP Windows Endpoint contains three main components.

1.File system minifilter drivers

2.Windows Service

3.Windows Management GUI

MyDLP EP installer is 32 bit and only works on 32 bit OS's because of the driver signing issue in 64-bit MS operating systems. Available OS's for MyDLP EP are;

1.MS Windows XP – 32 Bit

2.MS Windows Server 2003 – 32 Bit

3.MS Windows Vista – 32 Bit

4.MS Windows 7 – 32 Bit

You can get prerequisites softwares of MyDLP easily over Internet. Prerequisites softwares are;

1.Windows Installer 3.1

2..NET Framework 2.0 SP2

You can get MyDLP Windows Endpoint from two sources.

1. (Recommended) From your local installation of MyDLP Web Management and MyDLP Web Endpoint packages on Ubuntu. You can get detailed information about installation over Ubuntu with .deb packages from “Installation over Ubuntu” document. By this way, you will be able to sure that client and server versions of MyDLP will synchronize without a problem.


2. Or, alternatively you can download latest version of MyDLP Endpoint with its dependecies from MyDLP Website.

Download MyDLP Endpoint with Dependencies


Alternatively, if you have domain controlled by Active Directory, you can install MyDLP Endpoint from your Active Directory Group Policies. Refer to the “Mass Deployment of MyDLP over Active Directory” document for that kind of installation.


Important places for MyDLP Endpoint are;

1. C:\Program Files\MyDLP\ : Default Installation Directory

2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\MyDLP\ : Registry entry point

Installation Step by Step

First, double click to the mydlp-endpoint.msi.

Then click to the next button for license deal screen.

If you accept GPL v3 license, hit to the accept the terms radio and click to the “Next” button.

You can browse and select an installation folder for MyDLP Endpoint. After selecting the installation folder, MyDLP Endpoint Installer will ask you whether you are ready to install MyDLP Endpoint.


If you hit “Install” button, MyDLP will start installation. However, do not forget to check prerequisite softwares before starting the installation. If you do not have them install them first before starting MyDLP Endpoint installation.



While installation progress, MyDLP Endpoint will install files to the install directory. In install directory, there are 3 directory important for MyDLP Endpoint.


- bin/ folder is the directory where all executables and library dependencies exists.

- conf/ folder is the directory where all configuration files exists.

- log/ folder is the directory where all log files exists.


Also in installation folder you can see the MyDLP Endpoint updater.



After completing MyDLP Setup Wizard, you can see the MyDLP cat in the system tray watching for your data security. When you double click to the cat or access to MyDLP Win GUI from the Start Menu and Programs.



In current version of the MyDLP Endpoint, there are no configuration abilities in the GUI. Because in current version of MyDLP is only configurable over MyDLP Web Manager. Please refer to the “MyDLP Endpoint Configration Update” document for details.