MyDLP Easy Management

You can easily track MyDLP over MyDLP Web Management Interface. You can read detailed information about installation and configuring MyDLP Web Management Interface from the installation documents.

After initializing MyDLP Web Management, you can login with your defined credentials from the address https://YOURMYDLPINSTALLATION/. After you browse to the address, you are redirected to login screen.



After signing in to MyDLP Web Management, MyDLP dashboard appears. MyDLP dashboard contains two main windows. First one lists MyDLP activity summary according to most blocked IPs and most blocked categories. Second window shows current system information. This information contains OS, CPU, memory, hard disk and network data.


On the upperside of the window, there exist many utility buttons.
  1. Simple view / advanced view switch
  2. Language options
  3. You can download MyDLP Windows Endpoint application with its all dependencies via "Get Windows Client"
  4. You can change your users password
  5. You can get help document with "Help" button
  6. Logout button

Easy Management

You can view the MyDLP Easy Management Console when you click on "Easy Management" on horizontal accordion bar. In MyDLP Easy Management Console, there are many options but you have to imagine MyDLP Easy Management Console as a single filter. In console, you can see many options to prevent data leak.

You can create rules according to many predefined expression and files. Predefined expressions are;
  1. Credit Card PAN
  2. US Social Security Number
  3. International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  4. Canada Social Insurance Number
  5. France INSEE Number
  6. UK NINO
  7. Turkish TC Identification Number

If you want to enable predefined expressions, enable check box and enter an integer value to threshold area between 0-1000. This value will be used to block data and file transfer according to the quantity matched in the file. If you enter 0(zero) to threshold input and update rules, this predefined expression will be regarded as disabled. To disable a predefined expression, just remove the check in next to expression. After completing changes in predefined expressions hit "Update"  button to save them.

After configuring predefined expressions, enter critical files to black file list and authorized files to white file list. You can add new files to these list via hitting "Add New File" button just under the list.
You can change this filters applicability and scope from upper part of window. If you want to disable this rule, just uncheck the box. If you do not want to block but just want to log critical operations, then select "Log" in the radio button.

When you complete all changes, hit "Apply Changes" button to apply changes to MyDLP Subsystem. After clicking "Apply Changes" button, new configuration will be distributed to MyDLP Network Security and MyDLP Windows Endpoint applications.
Important Notice: 
You have to click "Apply Changes" once after installation to make configuration apply to MyDLP Network Security and MyDLP Windows Endpoints. Otherwise, those applications will not update their default configuration.


Moreover, you can view the events caught by MyDLP and you can conduct search in them from the "Log Search" screen. In the "Log Search" screen there is a data grid which contains 25 events per page. You can search according to these values.
  1. Source IP
  2. Source User
  3. Target site
  4. Start Date / End Date
  5. Protocols

Also you can export the events listed in the page to PDF with "Exprot as PDF" button.

Advanced View

Currently advanced view switch is disabled because of unsupported features. Most of these features are under heavy development and are not suitable for appliance distribution for now. In next releases, MyDLP Appliances will contain those features.